In 2009, to celebrate its 40 years’ anniversary Chiavari has launched two ground-breaking furnishing lines: Interiors for those who love pets and design, and Dynamic Wall System®, the first dynamic wall for indoor acoustic enhancement. 100% made in Italy, these two innovative lines combine Italian talent and creativity to provide Chiavari’s clients with unique and timeless products.


an innovative line for those who love their pets and style.

Finally a line of products for your pets designed and made in Italy with the most novel results for those who aspire to the very highest standard of living. That is why each piece has been conceived with the same criteria as those applied in luxury furniture: the highest quality of manufacture, attention to detail and innovation of design; but also a new comfort for your pet, safety and respect for the environment.

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DWS Italia – Sistems for acoustic confort and performances

Chiavari offers bespoke solutions for acoustic performance and comfort for interiors developed with client’s interior designer. With this system we provide an innovative and adjustable product, designed by Marco Francesconi.
D.W.S. Dynamic Wall System® is the first modular and adjustable system for the acoustic enhancement of interior spaces. D.W.S. is a new response to achieve a high acoustic performance in residential spaces. For larger spaces such as theatres, auditoriums, cinemas, conference halls and churches we have developed D.W.S. Professional. The great innovation is obtained by unifying technique and style. D.W.S. totally breaks with the static systems for acoustic enhancement presently available on the market thanks to its pioneering functions, efficiency and design.

Dynamic Wall System can offer whatever desired “shaping”. It is possible to change the form of the existing walls creating a customized space with the optimum acoustic performance. In addition with D.W.S. it is possible to make targeted interventions, even in the case of architectural challenges (for example, fresco painted walls), where the available space for acoustic enhancement is limited.