Your ideas materialized with passion


Our technical department guarantees the highest competence and professionality actively working with designers and supplying the client with accurate technical documentation.

Our technical department actively cooperates with our clients’ designers offering them decades of experience developing working drawings on a 1 to 1 scale.

The technical documentation that we produce has the aim of allowing the client to evaluate every detail in the plan before production.

The precision and detail of the drawing means clear understanding between company departments therefore guaranteeing correct execution.


Production is managed by Giuseppe Chiavari, the company founder. His talent and passion for attention to detail, together with over 50 years of experience in wood crafting, marquetry and joinery, make every produced piece a masterpiece. Our skills enable us to realise classic or modern designed furniture with any finish. We work with wood and with any other kind of material.

Thanks to close cooperation with long-term partners we are also able to install, on request, wiring, heating and plumbing systems, automated systems and turn-key solutions. Next to our professional artisans, able to carve intricate patterns in wood, we use state of the art technological systems. CAD-CAM software connected to numerically controlled machines allows us to reduce production times while raising the quality of the finished pieces with sensible attention to cost.


The last phase of production, the finish, is one of the most important and complex in the realization of interiors. It is nonetheless one of the deepest passions of the company founder, Giuseppe Chiavari. As a result, ever since the company’s early days we have been able to apply lacquer finishes of the highest standard. We have put advanced technologies in the hands of skilled and experienced craftsmen who have mastered innovative techniques from diamond nozzle spray guns to pressurised cabins. Available finishes: water or oil based varnish, polyurethane or polyester lacquer, matt to gloss finish, open to closed pores finish, antique wax finish, hand made carving and decorations, gold and silver leaf application and others. In addition we can develop special, ad hoc finishes, on various materials according the request of the designer.


Assembling the parts on site is a phase crucial to the success of a bespoke interiors project. We manage this phase of the process with great attention and professionalism. Our staff is highly qualified to assemble the furniture we manufacture with maximum care and precision, with respect towards the spaces we are requested to furnish and towards our clients. This last phase starts inside our factory. In this way we can better control the results and reduce the time required to work on site delivering the finished work cleanly and with the least possible disruption. We deliver to a number of different countries in Europe and overseas.